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Italian Property FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it important to use a solicitor from my home country?

The Notary in Italy works for both the buyer and the seller and is responsible for the legal transfer of the property. Some clients prefer to use a solicitor from their home country for additional piece of mind - this is a personal choice and we can recommend UK based solicitors if required. The buyer is responsible for the Notary fee which can vary from Euro 1000 upwards.  We will give you an informed estimate of the Notary fee before you make any commitment to purchase a property.

What are the rental potentials of properties in Italy?

This really depends on the location of your property; however there is a constant demand for properties located in the countryside, near ski resorts and on the coast. It also depends on how well you advertise your property - you need to advertise in the right publications and have a good website. We are pleased to provide advice and contacts in this respect.

The property I wish to buy has a lot of land, how can I maintain it?

It is usually quite easy and inexpensive to find someone local to take care of your property and land while you are away particularly in the farming and agricultural regions. We are pleased to assist you find such a person.

I am interested in a property that has vineyards or hazelnuts. What income can I expect from these?

This will depend very much on the arrangement you have with the local farmer or whether you plan to work the land yourself.  We will provide you with such information on any property you are interested in taking into account your personal plans.

I want to buy a property with vineyards or hazelnuts but would like someone else to work them for me.

You can usually find someone to undertake this work for you. In general you reach an agreement whereby you receive a percentage of the income generated over an agreed period of time. We can of course assist you with this.

Do you have any testimonials?

We have many - we prefer to put you in direct contact with our clients, both and buyers and sellers who are happy to discuss their experiences and answer any questions you may have.

I want to sell my property with you, what do I do next?

Please contact us and we will arrange an appointment to visit you at your property and discuss in detail our services. It is important that we fully understand all aspects of your property and take detailed photographs to enable us to prepare a professional presentation document of your property for our clients.

I am interested in a property but want to make some changes to it. Is this possible?

We will discuss any changes you may wish to make with a Geometra to clarify what is possible before you make any commitment to buy a property.

I need a mortgage to finance part of the property. Is this possible?

Mortgages are available in Italy to foreign purchasers and we regularly help our clients obtain a mortgage. We are pleased to personally introduce you to a large Italian bank or other international banks depending on your personal circumstances.

How easy is it to put a swimming pool in the property that I am interested in?

This is usually quite straight forward - you will need planning permission from the local Commune. We will introduce you to a local Geometra who will make the necessary application for you.

How do I go about buying a car in Italy?

You need to obtain Italian residency to buy a car in Italy.

I’ve heard that there are tax advantages of being a resident in Italy when you buy a property. Is this true?

Yes this is true and we are happy to discuss this with you based on your individual circumstances.



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