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Luxury property and castle restoration in Italy

Asti Project

The Estate Agency Asti Project works in Italy and abroad. We have a wide selection of prestigious properties for sale in Italy.

We at Asti Project have an in depth knowledge of the culture, traditions and architecture of Italy, and as such are in a position to professionally assist our clients to a satisfactory business conclusion for both the purchaser and owner.

Where appropriate our availability and assistance may continue after the business conclusion, in particular with our foreign clients, in order to assist them with the language and overcome any unforeseen bureaucratic challenges which can be a little concerning in a foreign country.

Our selection of properties are carefully chosen and the potential of each of them is demonstrated by a detailed written description and a professional selection of photographs. We invest time and resources to advertise our properties and attract clients from all parts of the world.

Our company is a team of professionally skilled people. We pride our selves on our ability to communicate and work together effectivley and thus providing the best possible service to our clients and offering an interesting selection of properties for investment.

We operate on a sole agency basis allowing us to invest as necessary to achieve success.

Asti Project offices and an example of our skilled restoration work

Registered Address:

Asti Project,
Via Bonzanigo 34,
AT 14100

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